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Our Team

The Sorriso Bonito Dental Clinic is constituted by dentist Dr. Fabricio N. Nunes, and his team of high quality both technically and human, from assistants to physicians, who daily care of your oral health.

Preventive Dentistry and Oral Hygiene


is essential in any medical field, as this will reduce illness and discomfort.

Prevention in dentistry, should be performed by all members of the medical-dental team, in addition to dentists, hygienists also play an important role in this area not only in practice but also in other fields of action.

Oral Hygiene is essential for the prevention and maintenance of good oral health. The oral hygiene habits should be transmitted at any age and to everyone.

Brushing aims to remove all the plaque and should be done three times a day (after breakfast, after lunch and before bedtime), if you can not wash at lunchtime you should at least rinse vigorously with water. The brush should be soft, to prevent trauma to teeth and gums and a short head to reach all teeth; the brush should be changed every 3 months or when the bristles are crooked.

The toothpaste used should contain fluoride in its constitution (1000-1500 ppm) and the amount used should be approximately 1 cm (slightly larger than a pea).
The way of brushing should consider all the teeth and the gums so as not to traumatize it, circular movements are advisable, however each person can adapt his way of brushing, provided it is done on all teeth in all its faces, the following scheme exemplifies a correct way to do it.

It is also recommended the use of dental floss for cleaning between the teeth in cases where the interproximal spaces are very large use a proper brush.
On the left, we present a scheme allusive to the correct passage of dental floss.
Mouthwash is an additional element to brushing that must be used to some criterion, however in special situations such as gingivitis, periodontitis or when the patient during the day can not brush, this method can help. The elixir mouthwash does not replace brushing.

In the practice many procedures can be performed with a view to oral prevention, such as scaling, polishing and fluor application.
Even that apparently you do not have cavities it is advisable to visit the dentist every six months in order to confirm with your dentist if all is well and make a scaling (cleaning).